About the Journal

We invite contributions for Dance, Movement and Spiritualities.

Standard articles will be in the range of 5000-8000 words, including a 150 word abstract, six indicative key words, institutional affiliation and a short biography. 

Call for Articles: Dance, Movement & Spiritualities 3.3 and 4.1.

E-mail Amanda Williamson: amanda@dance-somatics-and-spiritualities.com

Example topics may include - but are not limited to: 

  • The intersections between religion, spirituality and dance
  • The meeting points between health, movement and spirituality
  • The cultural production and historization of spirituality in relation to the growth of dance and movement practices
  • Spirituality, gender and dance/movement
  • The impact of secularization on Dance Education
  • Connections between philosophy, spirituality and dance/movement
  • The emergence and appreciation of new forms of spiritual dance in Western contexts otherwise undocumented (both popular and academic)
  • The documentation of spiritual forms associated with institutionalized religion
  • Dance/movement forms aligned with non-institutionalized spirituality (evolving forms linked to New Age Spirituality and the holistic spirituality paradigm)
  • Secular spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
  • Postmodern spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
  • Movement/dance forms conversant with Feminist Spirituality
  • Embodied and somatic spiritualities
  • Jungian/post-Jungian dance/movement forms
  • The influence of non-Western/Eastern sacred narratives as they continue to inform Western dance practice
  • Intercultural, cross-cultural and multicultural perspectives
  • Creative transformation and life-force celebration
  • Shamanic dance traditions

The journal offers a diverse platform for scholars working within and across the fields of Dance Studies, Theology/Religious Studies, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, Health Studies, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Dance Histories. Dedicated to cross-dialogue and the potential inventive perspectives interdisciplinary collaboration generates, the journal aims to progress the academic study of spirituality in Dance Studies.